Balance Board Pilates

Are you bored of your current Pilates routine?  

Then let’s get on the Board! On the balance board of course:) 

Shake it up with a new twist on proven moves. 

Trust me- stabilizing on top of this-will make your muscles quiver in all the right places. 

 It’s also called a wobble board- and wobble you will! 

jessi fit pilates single leg bridge pilates balance board exercise

The main benefits are strength & conditioning, with a core focus that builds strong abs, obliques and lower back muscles.  These core strengthening contraptions use a flat surface on top combined with a unstable base  to improve balance, functional conditioning and mental focus.

 It’s really fun to try your favorite exercises- and quickly fire up your core!

In order to keep the board level, you’ll have to really use your abs and bum.  This prop can be a great tool in your home workout tool box to work on both coordination and cardio strength. 

The Rev Balance FIT is a 3 part conditioning system that can be adjustable to all levels.   

It comes with three different support bases- the cushion, the half wedge and the full roller. 

The Revolution FIT balance training system allows for a you to get really creative with your Pilates and Yoga and fitness workouts!s.  With the 3 bases-its easily adjustable all levels.  

rev balance pilates fit

Challenge your stabilizing muscles and proprioception-

Which is how well you can see your body in space and how you react it during your moves.  This sort of functional strength is beneficial to skateboarders surfers, skiiers and many ball players.    Athletes who need to be very stable in different environments and ground surfaces.  Those sports reacquire  lot of ankle mobility and strength which the board helps to improve ALOT!

If you can increase the functional strength of your ankles this can prevent ankle strains or sprains. 

Plus its a great way to learn the concentration principals of pilates!  In order to keep that board still and your body in balance you will really need to focus and clear your mind of distractions.

pilates balance board exercise jessi fit pilates

Mind body awareness is crucial if you want a strong healthy and functional core. 

Learning the motor skills needed to level the board will really level up your body awareness.

Many folks are using balance boards at their standing desks as a way to stay moving and I think anything that keeps your glutei engaged and your spine tall all day is a great way ti go!!!  I would recommend using the fusion fist!

See the below video for a few creative ways to take Pilates Mat and reformer moves to the max at home- without spending thousands on a reformer itself.

To download the PDF version of this exercise Cheat Sheet click below:

balalnce board pilates exercises exercise list pdf jessi fit pilates