Corporate Fitness & Wellness in San Francisco & Oakland

Looking for a way to help keep your employees happier healthier and more productive?  Jessi designs and delivers on site fitness and wellness programs to you.  Whether you are a small start up or a large corporation, learn how to improve your employee’s health and morale.  

Benefits include lower employee turnover rates, decreased stress levels and sick leave, lower number of workplace accidents, higher job satisfaction rates, lower healthcare costs and improved see of confidence and wellbeing.  Learn the proven techniques to combat the effects of sitting.  As you know sitting is the new smoking!

Group classes help build teams up and Jessi delivers safe FUN and effective workouts that are available to a diverse population of attendees.  Choose from a mix of fitness or mind body modalities that require little to NO equipment.  

Whether you are looking for a brutal bootcamp style HIIT session in between meetings or a soothing Yoga and Pilates blend to stretch those tight shoulders, let Jessi tailor your wellness to you and your team.  

One on One Sessions also available in office or in an outdoor location.  Choose from a weekly, monthly or biweekly classes.  Have a special event, conference or team building day?  We can curate a wellness experience for your employees or clients.

Jessi has taught for many start ups and big tech firms in San Francisco, including Google, Salesforce and LinkedIn. 

Treat your devs right and let's prevent computer posture and back pain!