Combining principles from Ballet, Pilates and Interval Training,  FIT/Barre is a strengthening & conditioning workout that will sculpt and tone your physique like no other.

Central to the workout are toning and resistance exercises for the legs, buttocks, torso, abs and arms to sculpt muscles and elongate the appearance of your body.  If you're looking to lift that booty and lean out your abs while building fluid mobility, this is it!

Fit/Barre is Jessi's athletic alternative to a traditional barre class.  She combines intense core focused movements, with endurance based cardiovascular intervals.  It's all about finding your flow, intensifying the burn and using proper form and technique.

Expect to be challenged and energized; your muscles quivering and heart pumping.  Book her for a class and she'll top it off with a playlist to help get you through those lunges and plies.....